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The sperm cell has a characteristic polarized morphology and its surface is also highly differentiated into different membrane domains. Junctional protein ring structures seal the surface of the mid-piece from the head and the tail respectively and probably prevent random diffusion of membrane molecules over the protein rings. Despite the absence of such lateral diffusion-preventing structures, the sperm head surface is also highly heterogeneous. Furthermore, lipid and membrane protein ordering is subjected to changes when sperm become capacitated. The forces that maintain the lateral polarity of membrane molecules over the sperm surface, as well as those that cause their dynamic redistribution, are only poorly understood. Nevertheless, it is known that each of the sperm head surface regions has specific roles to allow sperm to fertilize the oocyte: a specific region is devoted to zona pellucida binding, a larger area of the sperm head surface is involved in the acrosome reaction intracellular fusion , while yet another region is involved in egg plasma membrane binding and fertilization fusion intercellular membrane fusion.
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7 Tips for Healthy Sperm

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Preserving Fertility in Males with Cancer

Resources and videos. Semen analysis is when freshly ejaculated semen is tested in a laboratory, and the number, shape and movement of sperm are measured under a microscope. This analysis is an important part of diagnosing male infertility. The quality of your semen can change between samples. When a couple is being medically assessed for infertility , testing of the male partner will usually include a semen analysis. Sperm concentration also known as sperm count, meaning the number of sperm per millilitre of semen.
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Sperm head membrane reorganisation during capacitation

What it's like to freeze and bank sperm from start to finish, according to experts. If you're looking to start a family at some point, you and your partner may be looking into freezing sperm. But getting the facts about what it's like to freeze your sperm and sperm banking can be elusive. We asked two fertility experts about some of the most frequently asked questions about what it is like to freeze your sperm and use a sperm bank. The sample can be collected in the privacy of their home and shipped overnight to the laboratory for testing and freezing," says Dr.
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Certain cancers and their treatment can affect fertility in males and females. When a person with cancer wants to have children after treatment ends, some planning is needed. Sometime this involves fertility preservation. Fertility preservation saves or protects eggs, sperm, or reproductive tissue so that a person can use them to have children in the future.
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